Travel Affiliate Program

2 min readJun 2, 2021


Travel Affiliate Program:

Travel Affiliate Programs are usually part of the marketing strategy of a specific company. The affiliate program consists of promoting the service of a third party, referring customers, and thus keep a commission for the sales generated. The way to promote products and services on the Internet is varied.

This simple and intuitive program makes it easy for you to leverage our global brand to help discover new opportunities and easily sell our solutions to your clients.

TripFro is one of the top service providers in the field of affiliate marketing. We provide simple tools for both tour operators and travel agencies to grow, manage, and expand their businesses to a global audience.

Our professional team has experienced affiliate managers who have a precise record of achievement in the implementation of affiliate programs as well as working on the established programs.

At TripFro Travel Affiliates Network, we listen to your requirements and provide a broad range of system solutions designed to streamline and/or automate your current business processes.

From direct supplier connectivity services to turn-key solutions, we can help you deal with technical issues and uncomplicate a complex process to deliver best-in-class services that ensure visibility at all times.

The travel industry is a great niche for affiliate marketing as it’s one where there are millions of potential customers looking for products and services to help them travel better. Airlines, tour groups, travel accessory manufacturers, travel apps and software, and many other businesses understand the value of affiliate marketing.

TripFro affiliate program will help your customers access a huge inventory of hotels, compare prices and availability from the best travel sites on your website or mobile site. It offers seamless integration of your hotel inventory with the travel agent’s website so that you do not have additional development costs for your business.

Benefits of Affiliate Program

Ø A wide variety of niches.

Ø Huge travel affiliate network

Ø Quick and easy way to maximize reach, exposure, and profits

Ø Offers white-label solutions

Ø Supports flight bookings, hotel bookings, and rental cars.

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