Sabre Hospitality Solutions

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What is Sabre Hospitality Solutions?

A Sabre global distribution system, or Sabre GDS system, is one of the most important distribution channels for those in the hotel industry, allowing travel agencies to access real-time inventory information and rates while also selling hotel rooms and other travel services to their customers.

Sabre GDS is one of three primary GDS systems used by hotels and other travel agencies to improve distribution. By integrating a hotel into the Sabre Software Solution, travel agents will be granted real-time access to inventory and pricing information, allowing them to sell hotel rooms to their clients.

TripFro Sabre Hospitality Solutions:

TripFro is an Authorized Sabre Developer. Our experts have a wealth of experience with Sabre GDS (Global Distribution System) integration, deployment, and development. For travel agencies/OTAs, companies, suppliers, and other travel service providers, we provide Sabre APIs and Web Services to build B2B and B2C travel applications, Sabre Software, and application software solution.

From boutique hotels to the biggest worldwide chains, TripFro’s experts will provide the right solutions for your hotel business of any size. From marketing to operations, our services help hoteliers maximize resources and savings, customize guest service to make every customer feel valued and appreciated.

Sabre travel software operates in the world’s largest marketplace, the travel industry. It helps in connecting the buyers and sellers through a software system.

As a Certified Partner, we provide custom Sabre Software Solutions to increase efficiency minimize spending and solve complexities of your business operation process. With Sabre Software Solutions, you will enhance customer experience, manage and analyze financial resources, and reach the data you need in Secs.

Sabre software is used by a wide array of travel sectors to create successful commercial environments and become much more profitable. Sabre applications streamline and enhance the value of travel business operations for travel providers and users both and deliver a pivotal competitive edge to them.

Features And Benefits Of Sabre Hospitality Solutions:

Ø Provides a hotel shopping platform for hoteliers and travel management companies.

Ø Sabre new hotel shopping platform provides a user-friendly and secure interface to get updates aligned with OTA standards.

Ø The real-time hotel availability display enables travel agents to better serve their customers.

Ø Sabre-connected agents have access to rich hotel content, allowing travel companies to access 60,000 travel properties.

Ø Sabre is allowed to make the hotel platform more robust with enhanced hotel shopping capabilities with advancements.

Ø 24*7 real-time accesses to a worldwide inventory of hotel rooms, and other travel-related products.

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