Sabre GDS

2 min readJun 18, 2021


What is Sabre GDS?

Sabre GDS is a computerized reservation network that allows travel agents, end-users, and corporations to access and book flight tickets, rental cars, hotel rooms, tour packages, and other travel products.

As a result, Sabre GDS meets the inventory requirements of online reservation sites and travel agencies. Customers can also book flights from a variety of airlines and service providers.

Sabre Global Distribution System is a leading provider of travel reservation systems, with over 55000 travel agencies. Sabre provides users with schedules, availability, pricing, policies, and rules, as well as reservation and ticketing capability for travel suppliers.

The Sabre travel network has been used by 400 airlines, 175,000 hotel properties, 200 tour operators, 50 rail carriers, 40 car rental outlets, and 17 cruise lines.

Sabre GDS allows travel agents to book flights, hotels, and other travel services by allowing them to access travel inventory. It has a track record of processing over 1 million travel reservation transactions per minute during peak periods.

Sabre also provides desktop search and booking solutions for travel agencies, as well as XML web services. When it comes to hotel bookings, travel agents prefer Sabre GDS over Amadeus.

TripFro is a leading B2B travel network that integrates Sabre GDS to provide best-in-class travel software to travel agencies. We make it possible for travel agents to be Sabre GDS connected.

We are the industry’s leading service provider in Sabre GDS Integration Solution, which assists the travel industry is growing and achieving maximum profit in the market.

Most of the travel sites, which are connected with Sabre GDS, do have flights, hotels, cars, cruises, rails, and other value-added services. The Sabre system provides real-time access to all travel data.

With TripFro’s best-in-class Sabre GDS software development services, you can provide your customers with a wide range of highly efficient and interactive booking solutions.

Sabre GDS has several valuable data that OTAs can use to introduce to customers. Travel agencies can access real-time inventory and pricing for airlines, hotels, railroads, tours, car rentals, and much more from a single platform.

Sabre GDS also enables:

Ø Agents to book flights, sell seats, book car hire, and hotel accommodation.

Ø Shows the availability of seats, rooms, and prices in real-time.

Ø A simple and up-to-date computer reservation system.

Ø Has incorporated payment gateways with secure payment options.

Ø Promotes low fare shopping with branded fares.

Ø Low fare shopping on direct flights.

Ø Search flight with city or airport name

Ø Sabre allows you to search for round-trip flights.

Ø Filter search results for flight arrival and departure time.

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