Amadeus GDS

2 min readJun 11, 2021


What is an Amadeus GDS?

Amadeus GDS is one of the best global distribution systems today. Through web services APIs, Amadeus GDS gives access to online travel content including airline, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cars, and other value-added services.

Using TripFro internet booking engine platform, integration of Amadeus GDS XML API web services can directly be done to your website, allowing you to maintain your site’s identity and original design and branding.

Travel technology web solutions help travel agents to integrate travel-related content into their applications such as online booking engines, websites, and robotic tools.

Amadeus GDS helps travel agents enhance their business globally and improve ROI. We also offer Amadeus GDS, Amadeus XML, Amadeus API integration services for travel businesses across the globe.

Exceptional Booking Experience with Amadeus GDS API Integration

TripFro is a leading Amadeus Software Development Company, integrates Amadeus GDS web services to deliver best-in-class OTA platforms to global travel management companies. We integrate Amadeus APIs to access the inventory for flights, hotels, transfers, rail, and cruise through web services.

TripFro integrated Amadeus GDS effectively supports OTA’s in increasing their scope of business by distributing airline content worldwide like accessing flight status, fares, making reservations from one place within no time. We offer the most flexible online booking experience for flights, hotel rooms, car rental, sightseeing, and transfer.

Benefits Of Amadeus GDS:

Apart from high availability and access to a wide range of travel content i.e., Air, Hotel, Car, Cruise, etc.

Amadeus GDS Provides These Benefits:

Ø Picks up real-time inventory from various sources

Ø Real-Time Booking Instantly Reflects In The Airline System

Ø PNR And Ticket Generations On The Spot

Ø Centralized Payment Processing Via BSP

Ø Acts As A Single Source Of Aggregated Data Of Airlines Loyalty Program Extended Via API

Ø Reduces The Time To Interact With Airlines Individually And Hence Increase Efficiency And Productivity

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